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We’re selling Cobra Screening Buckets

With Cobra Screening Buckets you can effectively screen, crush, separate, sort, recycle, re-use, mix, backfill and/or aerate many different materials like soil, dirt, peat, waste soil, demolition waste, industrial by-products, frozen materials, etc. You can process also wet materials.
Cobra Screening Buckets are designed for excavators, wheel loaders, backhoes and telehandlers. Thanks to robust design and fine adjustment of fragment size it’s a versatile and powerful tool to ensure high quality end product and high production rate.

Mobile and stationary ramps rental

We would like to introduce our new service – mobile and stationary ramps rental. You can rent 6-10 tons ramp, the desired period of time. This service is very convenient to use when the product is needed for a short period or a specific task, or maybe yout want to assess the quality of the product before buying. Ramp models and specifications you can find in the product catalog. For other information, please contact our personnel. We are ready to answer all questions and looking forward for your inquiries.

New stump forks for excavators

By the special order of the client, the UGB company manufactured stump forks. For forks production was used HARDOX metal , therefore the product has an extremely sturdy construction. These stump forks are widely used by foresters, peatlands and road builders. Forks are specially adapted for low power excavators.

New series of universal buckets

At the request of our clients we have improved the series of universal buckets “UBU”. These buckets are perfect for various ground-handling operations: gravel, ground, sand, etc. For more information about these bucket models, please click on the link:
Also we always recommend to contact our sales department for detailed advice.

Special order – Mobile 15t. ramp

A 15-tonne mobile ramp was manufactured according to a special customer order. We have a wide color palette, so you can choose the product color as you want. Our ramps have a very strong frame structure. The height of the ramp is controlled by the hydraulic mechanism, the sides are reinforced with the highest quality steel. For more information, please contact our sales department.

Improved UGB adapter

UGB adapter is popular product among customers. The design is manufactured by individual orders, according to the customer’s loaders models. This adapter allows to connect any required attachment that has a different connection than loader. It is very convenient if you have more different machines or attachements.

Extremely powerful UGB bucket for big bags

Reinforced UGB big bah loader is made of extremely durable metal. It can lift up to 6 pcs. big bags at once! Suitable for both frontal and telescopic loaders. Have a questions about this product? The UGB Sales Department is always ready to provide you with all the information you care about our products.

Modernized fork with grab design

Reinforced and modernized UGB fork with grab and nails made of HARDOX metal for even more efficient use. These forks are ideal for manure, straw, stevedoring, and successfully used in forestry activities. For more information, contact the sales department.

New! Semi-trailer with wagon

According to a special customer order, a semi-trailer was built with a wagon adapted to suit workers’ needs. The wagon can also be adapted for storage. It is easily transported using a tractor or other vehicle. Our team always tries to implement various customer wishes, so feel free to contact us if you need a custom solution!

Prefabricated road slabs

This is an ideal solution for a variety of situations requiring a quick and efficient solution to the issue of temporary paths, sites, field events in meadows, construction, peatlands, land reclamation, accidental roads, and archaeological protected areas. The panels are light and strong because they are made of fiberglass plastic. They can be used on both wheeled and tracked vehicles, and they can withstand a weight of up to 80 tons. They are quick to install, do not require special primer preparation. Panels are certified.

Renewed UGB big bag loader

We have renewed the model of the big bag loader. The new loader structure allows you to lift multiple big bags at once. For more information, contact the sales department.

Introducing the chassis for special peatland technicians

At the request of the client, the UGB staff built a trailer chassis specifically for peat bogging equipment. More pictures in the gallery.

New, improved grain pusher

According to a special customer custom-made grain pushers are characterized by their extremely durable construction and high power. It is especially convenient for pushing grain in low-level rooms where there is no possibility to do this with a regular bucket. It is a great helper in various farm work. Suspensions are available both on a telescopic and on a frontal loader. For more information, contact the sales department.

Renewed model of UGB lifting hook

The new lifting hook are suitable for a wide range of lifting operations. This ergonomically designed hook has an adjustable length boom that facilitates handling. Different types of hook suspensions allow you to work with any truck model.

In UGB production a new tilting granding bucket!

The most recent UGB product is the UPL 16 – 2000 tilting granding Bucket, designed for various lay-outs, slopes and similar jobs. The bucket is available in width from 1.5 – 2.0 meters, capacity – 360 liters. The blade is made of a hardmetal. It can be used with all excavators with a lifting capacity of 12 to 18 tons. The brackets are made according to your loader. Call our Sales Department for more details.

Updated UBG-250 mode;

We are constantly trying to improve our products according to the wishes of our customers, and today we want to present you an updated UGB lightweight bucket – UBG-250. This bucket is suitable for loading sawdust, granules, grain and other light materials. The brackets are made according to customers loader. More information about this product will be provided by our sales department.

New – 6 m³ capacity grab bucket

Huge, 6 m³ grab bucket is suitable to the various load jobs. It is especially convenient when you need to charge biofuels or other light materials from the wagons, also to transport materials from one place to another. All bucket design and blades are made from hardened, wear-resistant steel, so product is durable. In the bucket is equipped two hydraulic cylinders and rotor, which are used to control the position of the bucket. More about this bucket you can find out by calling our sales department.

We present our new product – 20 ton mobile ramp!

The newest product of UGB – 20 tonnes mobile ramp is notable for its dependent weight loss opportunities. UGB mobile ramps are manufactured from high strength metal, so it is applied to various loading applications. Mobile loading ramp can be easily transported to any territory of the solid wheel assistance. Mobile ramp extremely universal machine, because thanks to the hydraulic mechanism can be adapted to different height driveways. The ramp surface roughness improves the adhesion of the coating. If you want more information avout this product, please contact our Sales Department.

Renewed UGB multifunctional bucket

In order to adapt to the increasing needs of customers, product development has become an integral part of the company’s activities. This time we want to introduce you our renewed UGB multifunction bucket for working with fine, light materials. Bucket is notable for its functionality and use a variety of applications – for bulk products excavating, hanging, pushing, pulling and so on. The structure made of high 5 mm steel. The bucket have two cylinders. Also you can order additional accessories. We can make hangings for your existing truck.

New in Maeda mini cranes – MK1033

The new MK1033 is unique in the range being a knuckleboom crane. It is narrow aisle, operator-controlled crane with the advantage of hydraulic 6-section luffing boom and jib. This gives the crane a serious “up and over” capacity, making it easier to perform many tasks such as glass handling and installation, lifting in narrow spaces and placing Dormers and Velux units on rooftops. The MK1033 is still narrow enough to fit through a standart doorway yet boasts a lifting capacity of 0,995 t. and a lifting height o 11,3 m. Click our Youtube channel icon on the right to see Maeda mini crane MC1033 demonstration.

Improved low-floor semi-technical model

The company “UGB” constantly communicate and collaborate with their customers to improve technical issues. This enables the company to produce technology that meets customer expectations. “UGB” manufactured low-floor technology GT3-29W trailers for the transport of non-standard size equipment. Semi-load of 25 000 – 30 000 kg. We made special grounding and widening if equipment does not exceed the height or width limit. Interested? Immediately contact our sales department, which according to your wishes will offer the necessary accessories and a good price.


UGB presents a new product – stump bucket for telescopic truck

UAB UGB is continually improving its products and adapting new technologies to create products best meet the ever growing needs of customers. After a long discussion with the production managers and engineers we can be proud to introduce you to our new product – stump bucket for telecvopic truck. These forks are distinguished by their unique digging nails, made of Hardox 450 steel, which is resistant to folding and breakage.The grab with two hydraulic cylinders greatly facilitates the works . Fork hanging can be applied to any of the telescopic or front loader. If you think that this product is necessary for your company or holding necessarily associate with our sales department, who will give you all the necessary information and will offer the most acceptable price.